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Measuring chastity with data

Building a global health management system
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Be loyal to love, just like a diamond on the crown, bright and outshine.

What is Moral Chain?

Moral Chain is a chastity data management platform based on block chains and artificial intelligence. It realizes chastity identification, monitoring, virtual health assistant and other functions by continuously obtaining data in a distributed network.

Vision of Moral Chain

The dynamic recording and monitoring of each person's chastity behavior data in the digital world of chastity chain enable people to return to the desire and pursuit of generalized chastity in a formalistic business environment.

What does Moral Chain do?

Moral Chain applies the cutting-edge technology innovations such as blockchain and artificial intelligence to the field of chastity management, and builds a smart personal chastity data link.


Firmer than a diamond ring,
a real-time witness to the dynamic data of the partner.

Write the chastity data to the most advanced computer technology in the moment—Blockchain, to dynamically witness each person's chastity behavior.

Even though you are single, you still have chastity record. Just wait for the falling of love.

In the blockchain network model built by the moral chain, everyone is equal, free from time and space constraints, which helps users to establish complete and continuous personal chastity data files.



Proactive smart wearable device

Moral Chain realizes the recording and uploading of human virgin data by accessing a series of terminal devices, which are the core hardware foundation for the operation of Moral Chain.


Light the beacon of love. Create a healthy friend-making community.

Based on the personal chastity data network, Moral Chain will provide online dating services to match the likes of each user's chastity, patterns and quotas to create a new social ecosystem.


Users obtain tokens with data, sharing token economy ecosystem.

Everyone is creating data in different ways. In Moral Chain, these data will be returned to users in the form of assets.

  • Mutual trust

  • Circulation

  • Economic value


Distributed online incremental AI learning system can overcome the drawbacks of traditional AI batch learning in the open data environment of block chains, and make use of the advantage of fair recording of events on the timeline to truly serve users while constantly learning and upgrading itself.

Development Plan

  • Moral Chain 1.0

  • Moral Chain 2.0

  • Moral Chain 3.0


Team introduction of Moral Chain

Moral Chain team is composed of core team, partner team, technical and market community contributors.

  • Thomas Chau

    Bachelor of Computer Science, Princeton University
    Visiting Scholar, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

  • Liam Robertson

    Bachelor of Computer Engineering, Ohio State University
    Master of Business Finance, Pennsylvania State University

  • Jackey Leo
    Senior Vice President

    Professor of George Washington University
    Artificial intelligence expert


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